Friday, December 28, 2012

Google seo starter

Google SEO Starter Guide

The new edition Google SEO Starter Guide 2010

seo-guideAbout 2 years ago Google had released the guide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for beginners that have been translated into 40 languages​​. This time Google re-released the latest edition of the SEO Starter Guide (improvements and additions from the previous material). For the owner of a website, blog or webmasters who want to optimize the website through search engines, then this SEO guide may be obligatory reference.

In this latest version, in addition to repairs, there are additions to the material. New information include:

     Glossary of terms and definitions used in this panduaan.
     More examples to help understand the contents
     Different ways to optimize your website for mobile devices
     Writing the word diperjelaa

For those who do not know what the SEO Starter guide, here are some things that are described in detail in a 32-page wide PDF's:

     SEO basics
     Improving Site Structure
     Optimizing Content
     Dealing with Crawlers
     SEO for Mobile Phones
     Promotions and Analysis

By studying this guide, then the owner of the blog / website can further optimize the website in order to perform better in the search engines. For those not familiar read English may have to be patient to wait for the Indonesian edition, as this guide is only available in English.

Download SEO Starter Guide 2010 eBook (4.2 MB)


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