Friday, December 28, 2012

How to cope with slow modem

How to Cope with Slow Modem

               Despite many tricks scattered to review how to overcome the frequent disconnect the modem itself is not used for a long period of time but I will be a little review special about the smart modem. as we all know that the final end of this very widely so smart modem users who are staying digadang providernya as the leader of anti leletnya internet, and I see everywhere strewn home Internet users are turning to this modem. Formerly sorry, this is not a contest or promotion seo smart you know ... hehehe.
             From many of my users as well as users of smart modems, often heard complaints that the modem is often disconnects itself when it is not used within a certain time. although in reality series modems are also experiencing such things. For smart modem that I know and I've tried myself, smart modem disconnects frequently encounter situations that type EC-1261 and EC 1260-x x. for the safe of the type Modem disconnect the AC682 and AC2726. why is my conclusion?, because I proved myself and I have four types of modem ... hehehe.
           I think the type who often experience a period of idle disconnect there software is not embedded his anti idle. with the language easily, if conditions already connect to the internet modem then it should be software algorithms maintain the stability condition that the connection is not broken even if not used in a long time. that's where software functionality set to always do a Ping data over the Internet in order to awake from the disconnect.
             Process Modem automatically disconnect idle time actually exist in terms of profit and loss, all depending on each user's wishes, of course. Well, for those who are uncomfortable with the connection process to break up, I usually use one of the tips below.
       First Tips• 1. Open a command prompt, for those who do not know how to click Start - Run - type cmd - enter
 2. After candela open command prompt, please type 'ping "(without the quotes), ping here could use google or yahoo or the like that if only the value of server data download connections are not burdensome.• 3. leave the windows open during the ping continues until you disconnect the internet connection.Second
Tips• 1. Please Download antiidle first software (download link at bottom of post)• 2. Install the software
• 3. Run Antiidle webpage and change to '' or leave it as default.

• 4. Buddy can set how long all this software performs a ping to a designated server, the default value every 300 seconds will do the ping, let alone as default also not why.Actually there are more other ways such as changing registry settings, but I will not explain to the session this time. But the way the above is the most straightforward and not cause any effect on the computer buddy. If do not want every time typing in a command prompt as the first way please use the second way is simple.
Hopefully Tips to smart modem disconnects itself above the buddy can benefit all. If there are any questions please shed uneg-unegnya in the box like it, Insha Allah, I reply Komen buddy all. Thank you and keep the spirit, Wassalaamu'alaikum.

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