Friday, December 28, 2012

How to create a simple wifi

How to Create a simple wifi


Hi bloggers and visitors this time I want to update a simple way to make wifi signal via modem or internet on Pc. Through this software we can create a wifi signal that we will share with our friends in need. The wifi signal is only reaching 30 meters. Immediately wrote some practical.This software is mHotspot

  1.  First download the software here 2 times on the file downloaded,so like this
3. then you will like this

4. Then we love the name of the wifi will. as an example I created  
hotspot name: field smpn1
 password: *******  
sharing connection: 
modem max clients: 5
so we can control how we wifi users

5. Finally you can make a simple wifi 

 If there is question of my enamel please in

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