Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All triks

                             Eagle Bright
    While this is one of the simplest of all tricks, anyone who does not know it
will be decidedly puzzled.
    When you have shuffled the pack, put it face-down on the table. Then
have someone draw any card from it, look at the card, and show it to
everyone but you; then he must put it at the bottom of the pack.
    While your back is turned, someone cuts the cards, placing the bottom
part on top, so the card selected is somewhere-you do not know where-in the
middle of the deck.
   Now you take up the cards and, beginning at the top, deal them off, one
by one, throwing them face-up on the table. And when you reach the one
selected, you astonish your audience by saying, "That is the card !"

How did you know?

    You knew the card that was on the bottom of the pack at the beginning,
because, having "eagle-bright eyes,"you slyly looked at it when you finished
shuffling and before you put the pack on the table. When the card you saw on
the bottom turned up as you dealt, you knew the very next card would be the
one selected, for it was placed immediately below the one you saw.

Obey the Master

  In this trick your friend will think you hypnotize him into drawing precisely
the three cards you tell him to draw.
 Shuffle the pack, and lift a few cards off the top-the number does not
matter, about fifteen or twenty-and lay the remainder of the pack aside, not
to be used.
  As you lift the cards, distract his attention so you can look quickly at the
bottom card of those you lift off. Suppose it is the five of Hearts.
    Spread all your fifteen or twenty cards face-down on the table. Then say,

"Give me the Five of Hearts."He picks out any card from those spread on the
table and, without looking at it (this is important!), hands it to you. You do
look at it. (It is the Ace of Spades, but he does not know that.) You lay it
face-down in front of you, and say, "Now give me the Ace of Spades."
   He chooses another card and hands it over unseen. You look at it and lay it
face-down beside the other one. This card is the Jack of Clubs; so you say,
"Give me the Jack of Clubs." He draws another card and gives it to you
without looking at it. You see it is the ten of Clubs, so you say, "I will draw
one myself now, and that will be enough. I will draw the Ten of Clubs."
   After hesitating over the spread cards, you draw the bottom one-the one
on the far left-which you know very well is the five of Hearts (because you
saw it when you lifted the cards off the pack). You place it face-down with the
three cards he has drawn.

Now turn over the four face-down cards in front of you, and, behold, they
are the very cards you named!
If your friend should draw the bottom card-the only one you know-the
trick would be spoiled and you would have to shuffle all the cards and try

Needle in the Haystack

For this you must secretly "prepare" the pack, by dividing it into two
stacks, one all black cards (Spades and Clubs), the other all red (Hearts and
Laying one stack aside-in your lap or on the table covered carelessly with
your left hand, anywhere you can reach it quickly-hold out the other stack,
face-down, and have someone draw any card and look at it.

Suppose it is the black half ( although 0£ course he does not know that all
the cards are black) and he draws the Four of Spades. While he holds the
card, you say, "You must write down the name of the card."
This is only to distract his attention, and while he looks about for a pencil,
you quickly switch the two stacks, without his seeing you do it, and then say,
"Never mind writing it down, if you are sure you can remember it. Put it back
in the pack anywhere, while I shut my
eyes and turn my head."

You hold out the stack ( the red half) face-down, and he slips the card in.
You shuffle them thoroughly (being careful to keep their backs toward him,
so he cannot see they are all red but his one black card) .When they are
shuffled, look at the cards yourself, and instantly pick out his card and throw
it on the table.
It was easy, of course, because he had drawn a card from the black stack,
and put it back into the red stack - the only black card among them all.

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