Sunday, July 7, 2013

All About Conduction (Sains)

A.Defined of Conduction

¨Conduction is the process of thermal energy transfer without any flow of  the  material medium.
¨Conduction is the flow of internal energy from a region of higher temperature to one of  lower temperature by the interaction of the adjacent particles ( atoms,molecules,ions,electrons,etc.)
        Conductivities vary for material being greatest for metallic solids, lower for nonmetallic solids, very low for liquids, and extremely low for gases.

        The best ordinary metallic conductors are (in decreasing order) silver, copper, gold, aluminum, beryllium, and tungsten.    

B.Example of Conduction

           1. When hand held hot glass, then hands will receive the heat from the glass
           2.using a metal stove to cook food  
           3.making a glass blower's pipe
 on electric stove top
          5.making a car radiator
          6.closed circuit steam engine

C. Heat Conduction Equation
PH =   k  A/L (T2 -T1)

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